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Chale Keyboard for Windows.

alt + 'e' = ɛ



Download Chale Keyboard for Windows

Extract the folder to "My Documents" or a preferred location and run the "Chale Keyboard setup.exe" file. 
Sorry but you'll have to restart your machine after installing it.

After restarting your machine, you can switch to Chale Keyboard by clicking 'EN' (pictured) on the bottom right of your screen in the taskbar, and selecting the 'Ghana keyboard' in the list

How to use it.

The right 'Alt' key is the button you have to press plus the Chale Keyboard keys to get the local language characters.
I've made it pretty pretty simple however, here are a few examples:
  • (right) Alt + e = ɛ
  • (right) Alt + c = ɔ
  • (right) Alt + n = ŋ​
  • (right) Alt + d = ɖ
  • (right) Alt + f = ƒ
  • (right) Alt + v = ʋ
  • (right) Alt + y = ɤ
Note: Pressing these keys while "Caps" is on would give you the capital versions of it :D

You get the drift right? Tell me what you think in the comments and what you would suggest.
Thanks :)

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